Monitor and keep track of the expiration date, get a complete overview of the certificates (flag state, class, IMO, safety)

Manage your ship's certificates

A clever tool is required to maintain a clear overview of the many certificates. In the Certificate module of MXSuite, all certificates are clearly organized and arranged by expiry date. If your clients request several certificates by e-mail, you can easily arrange this with the click of a button.

Manage all fleet certificates with MXSuite

The instruction video below shows you how to create a new certificate in MXSuite.



MX Certificates is part of the MXSuite software system. Through the diversity of modules, MXSuite offers a wide range of possibilities to optimise and simplify the management of your fleet. 

The need of the user determines which MXSuite modules are applied. That is the power of a modular solution! 

Installation, consultancy and support are given by Mastex Software. 

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